by Kripleir Theatre Company

On stage: Árni Vilhjálmsson, Friðgeir Einarsson & Ragnar Ísleifur Bragason
Off stage: Bjarni Jónsson
Concept & text: Kriðpleir
Design: Sigrún Hlín Sigurðardóttir
Video & soundscape: Guðmundur Vignir Karlsson
Melodies: Árni Vilhjálmsson & Birgir Ísleifur Gunarsson
Lightdesign: Ólafur Ágúst Stefánsson
Somebody: Ylfa Ösp Áskelsdóttir
Promotional material: Guðmundur Úlfarsson

Premiered in Tjarnarbíó, Reykjavík, November 2016.
Duration 90 minutes.

In an evening of song, dance and conversations about household appliances, the Kripleir Theatre Company tells the tales of normal people, the people nobody ever writes books about. Most of us spend our lives shopping, doing the dishes, listening to the radio going to parentmeetings, calling around trying to borrow a stroller, tidying, moving things. That sort of things. Sombody needs to write that story.

Nominated for "Best Play" at the Icelandic Theatre Awards 2017.

Performed in Icelandic and English.