A BELATED INQUIRY: re-opening the case of farmer Jón Hreggviðsson
by Kriðpleir Theatre Company

Text: Bjarni Jónsson
Performers: Friðgeir Einarsson, Ragnar Ísleifur Bragason, and Árni Vilhjálmsson
Design: Tinna Ottesen
Video/visuals: Janus Bragi Jakobsson
Directors: Friðgeir Einarsson og Bjarni Jónsson

Belated Inquiry - videosClick here for video instalments (in Icelandic)

Premiered in November 2014 in Bíóhöllin, Akranes, Iceland.

Did he murder a man or didn´t he murder a man? The members of Kriðpleir theatre group re-investigate the case of farmer Jón Hreggviðsson, sentenced to death in 1683 for killing the king´s henchman and going through a rather dubious trial. Made famous in the novel "Iceland Bell" by Nobel laureate Halldór Laxness, the infamous Jón Hreggviðsson continues to puzzle the minds of readers and scholars. Kriðpleir thinks this has to stop. In order to set things straight, the performers have set out to find the truth and clear this cold case once and for all. The result is a brandnew comedy that sheds light on the past, churning up important questions about justice, truth, fiction – and Laxness.

Performed in Icelandic.

Produced by Kriðpleir